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What do you want from a photo retouching program? Versatility? Ease of use? Support for various different effects and options? Well, you can find all of this in Auto Photo Editor.

Auto Photo Editor is a full-featured tool designed to help you get the most out of your digital images, whether that be by cleaning them up or by adding effects that allow you to look at a photo you're already sick of in a new way.

The first thing to highlight about Auto Photo Editor is its interface, which is intuitive as well as simple and attractive. Using this interface, you can comfortably access the more than 30 different options the program offers right away, without running into any complications, and you can select as many options as you want in order to apply them all at once.

Another interesting fact about Auto Photo Editor is that the program allows you to work both with individual files as well as with folders of images, so you can optimize and retouch all of the photos from a trip at once and have them ready to show to others.

7 day trial.
It adds a watermark to every image that you export.

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